Monday, July 23, 2007

Mecham Fountain Green House

Monday July 23rd Liz's parents home in Fountain Green came very close to being burnt down by a fire. Their house was on the front cover of the Deseret Morning News.,1249,695194343,00.html

Firefighters did a backburn from the house and planes laid down fire retardant around the home. Luckily the fire turned away. But there was a bit of stress and worry from the entire family during the time the fire was threatening the home.


B. said...

Scary. Glad you txt'd me otherwise I might have missed seeing the house.

Glad it turned out alright with the fire. Did Liz's parents have any trouble with the flooding that was reported in that area?

Stephen Sagers said...

There were some houses that had their basements flooded in Fountain Green, but luckily their house wasn't where the waters were.
Fires and floods in the same week - seems like someone has it out for Fountain Green.