Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Our House

Due to popular demand, I have taken pictures of our house. Here is a link to them:
Now you can show other people the pictures telling them it is your house, but you have to pay us a quarter in royalty fees every time you do so. It will go to our Olympic swimming pool fund.


Janell said...

Is the towel creature a souvenir from your cruise?

It amuses me that you use the top of your kitchen cabinetry for storage. (Mostly because it is a demonstration of how people of different eye-levels do things differently. I myself use the space around my knees and ankles for storage and keep my pots and pans where roommates can't reach them. . . of course, roommates aren't a problem for either of you anymore!)

The Wedding Shrine has a beautiful tablecloth.

Is there a window behind your shower? The lighting through the ocean shower curtain is super-nifty.

You have a ton of peaches (or are those tomatoes) in your food storage. Are those home-canned? Wow!

B. said...

Cute house. I love that you are concerned with a little yellow patch on your lawn. We are in a drought it is alright to not have a perfectly green lawn. :)

Thanks for posting pictures.

Stephen Sagers said...

The towel creature was actually a wedding gift. Though our cabin steward on our cruise did make animals out of towels that were pretty nifty.
There is a small window (something like 3 feet by 8 inches) above our shower. It's pretty high so Liz can't reach it.
Those are actually apricots that Liz and her family canned at our house a few weeks ago. They picked a zillion of them and then spent an entire evening canning them.