Monday, April 13, 2009

Brice's Birthdate Anniversary Party

Friday was my cousin Brice's anniversary of his birthdate. So I had them over to my house (Liz had to work so she couldn't make it). We had some Panda Express for dinner and played some Mario Kart Wii. Because he is graduating at the end of the month with his Masters in Public Policy from the Y, I got him a collection of Sim City games to test his training.
The part I liked best is that instead of a customary birthday cake (I assumed he would get one from at least someone during the day), I decided to do something a little different.
I bought some blue Jello, and the night before spent some time continuing to add layers of Jello. After the first layer I added gummy sharks to the mix. Then added Jello until the sharks were covered. Then I had Brice and Jeanna help add gummy bears, gummy life savers and sticks of gum to create an ocean scene. Some of those bears were in big trouble with those sharks around!
Some features include: a whirlpool, a life raft, and bears in life preservers. Check out the pic below (and more by clicking through).

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Jessi said...

*Sigh* I seriously miss you guys and times like these!

B. said...

Very clever idea for a birthday dessert. Sounds like a lot of fun.