Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Another Wedding

On Saturday my other sister Angie got married. She was married in the Timpanogos Temple. We had the wedding lunch at Brick Oven. Hmmm, that was supremely yummy. I had a frozen raspberry lemonade, pepperoni and bacon pizza and some garlic bread. It doesn't get any better then that. Though one of the waiters dropped a drink on a baby - not so good.
The reception was held at a place called Northampton House. It was buried somewhere in American Fork. I think it used to be an old church or something that was converted to a reception center. Liz had been sick for most of the day. She was only able to make it to a little bit of the reception.


Janell said...

Bingo. It's an old LDS chapel converted to be a reception center. I didn't know that the LDS ever sold their property. I guess it's not a big deal in UT where they own as much as they already do.

Stephen Sagers said...

I'm pretty sure that the church on Redwood and 6200 South in Taylorsville used to be an LDS church. I was told that they sold it to another church because the building wasn't up to earthquake code.