Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Yesterday my work had a Lagoon day. We got to leave work a little early to go up there. We did the Log Flume and the Rattlesnake Rapids first being that we wanted the hot sun to be able to dry us off. Rattlesnake Rapids got us really wet (my socks were still wet when we got home).
We had a catered dinner where we had hamburgers and chicken strips. It was actually not to bad for being mass produced.
There is a new ride called Wicked that Liz didn't go on, so I went with my co-worker Jason. Basically it accelerates you using electromagnets and you go straight up and then straight down this tower. It was really fun. I think because of that it's now my favorite ride at Lagoon. We did go on a bunch of the other roller coasters (which admittedly I enjoyed a lot more then Liz). Liz's favorite ride was the Space Scramblers. She says it's because she likes going in circles.


Janell said...

That looks like a cool ride except for that whole "going upside down" thing. Bleck.

I like that it appears to be a nice, smooth ride. (As opposed to that atrocious, clankety roller coaster that they had at Lagoon a decade ago. Is that still there?)

Stephen Sagers said...

It is actually. And it still clanks all over the place. But the upside is that it doesn't throw you out of the car during the ride. That's a plus isn't it?