Monday, December 31, 2007


Christmas time has come and gone once again. Our Christmas time was both good and bad.
We had a family party the weekend before Christmas at my Aunts house in Utah County for my Grandma's B-day where we ate and did a white elephant exchange. I got an Mini Origami set. I don't recall what Liz ended up getting.
The Sunday before Christmas Liz went to Fountain Green for a family thing. That night I got very sick (I got to be very close friends with the porcelain throne if you know what I mean). It doesn't get much worse being very sick with no one to care for you. But Liz did come back for me the next morning when I let her know. I was feeling a little bit better in time for my family's Christmas get together on Christmas Eve.
At my family's party they did Fon-Duo. Then we open the gifts from my family. Some of the things we got were: a dolphin table, a dolphin blanket, a dolphin electric lamp, a mini trampoline for Liz to exercise, and some movies.
Christmas day Liz and I open presents in the morning. Liz gave me slippers, a lightsaber, a computer game (Mahjong). I gave her some luggage, Battleship, slippers, jewelry armuior, and Toughed By an Angel DVDs.
We then went to Fountain Green to spend some time with her family. While there her sister and brother called from their missions in Argentina / Tokyo respectively. They both seem to be doing pretty well. On the way back home I noticed that my car was pulling a bit to the right. The next day when I was going to go to work I looked at my tire and saw that it had a flat. Luckily I had enough air in it to take it to Discount Tire where they were able to repair it.

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