Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hibernation to come to an end?

Well - it's been a while, but here's a new post. This winter has been a brutal one. Let's put things into perspective. First, winter in general is a miserable season. It's the season of death. Everything outside dies off, the sun decides to take a 4 month vacation.
It seemed like every week there was at least one snow storm. So our house is built on a hill - with our driveway having a pretty good incline. When I would go out to shovel our driveway I would just stand with the shovel in front of me, and gravity would pull me down the driveway. That is for a few feet until the shovel got full and I had to throw it. Another unique feature of our driveway in the snow is slicker then an Olympic ice-skating rink. So when I lift the shovel I have to revert to my circus acrobat training in order to not fall down. Not only that, but there were at least twice in that I got 2 feet overnight (I measured). When you look at our neighborhood, it doesn't seem much higher in elevation then my parent's home. And the Oquirrh mountains seem only a little closer then the Wasatch mountains. But for some reason our house gets tons more snow then the rest the valley. While other places have not had snow for 3-4 weeks now, yesterday there was still a little bit of snow at my house. All this snow has turned me against it. Snow and I are now mortal enemies.
Every time I think that the snow has ended, a new snow storm comes in. I've been told that their might be snow this week. sigh.

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