Sunday, July 6, 2008

Independence Day

The day before Independence Day Liz and I threw a little party for some of our families. We had a dinner of chicken, hot dogs, chips, potato salad and drinks. We then played various games, from Mario Kart Wii to Boccie. Then for those that stayed long enough we did some fireworks. We had snaps, sparklers and snake fireworks for everybody. We then made some scrumptious S'mores before we went out to do the bigger fireworks. Growing up it has been a tradition to do the tank fireworks. I saw some that looked similar at Walmart, but these were cars. When we opened them and tried them, they were a bit disappointing. They didn't have wheels at all, so they didn't move, and their fireworks weren't up to par with the tanks. One of the ones I really liked was called Desert Storm. It had some nice green and blue balls of light that came out of it. Then that night Liz and I slept in our new tent in our backyard. The tent and our new sleeping bags worked well. Though we were reminded by our lawn that it is super lumpy. It made sleeping a little hard.
The rest of the weekend was pretty layed back. We went with Liz's sister Michelle to see Wall-E. It was a cute movie all about how love and helping each other. For those of you who are going to see it, stay and watch the credits! Watch how the credits evolve in the same way that Earth's art / communication history did. I found it fascinating. Our neighbors did their fireworks that night. We went out and watched those and to get a better view of the firework shows going on throught the valley we actually went upstairs, through a bedroom window so we could stand on our roof and watch the fireworks from up there.

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