Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Weekend Fun

On Saturday we had a couples date with some of my co-workers. Jenn and Eric, and Matt and Chrissy were our guests. We went on a hike up to Donut Falls. Some years ago there had been an avalanche which made the pass up to the falls itself hard to navigate. We had to ford the river at one point. Chrissy stepped on a slippery rock and fell in. We climbed up to a place where we could look down on the falls.
Matt and Chrissy had to leave after that, but the rest of us went bowling. When we got there we saw that the bowling alley was having it's disco bowling (black lights, disco balls, lasers). Little did we know that Jenn was a Bowler with a capital 'B'. The first game she smoked us with 172. I got the low score of 54. The ball just didn't want to go where I was sending it. The next game Eric actually pulled it out at the end. He almost had a turkey, but 1 pin refused to fall. He got 140. That game I tied with Liz at 104. I was happy with breaking 100.
We then went back to our house and played some games. We played Ticket To Ride - Europe. I was doing alright until the end when I realize I had misinterpreted one of the cities of my longest route. So I lost by quite a big margin. It was sad days. Jenn pulled it out once again and beat Liz by 1 point. We then played In A Pickle - a game that makes you think outside the rectangle. I think Liz won that one, but we all were tied at the ending turn.
Overall it was a pretty fun weekend.

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B. said...

Sounds like you had a fun time. I quite like the games that you played as well.