Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Previously in the life of Stephen - he had only gone skiing once, four or five years ago. His cousin Brice took him to the Canyons for his birthday. It was fun, but it was single digit temps with a blizzard going on.
Fast-forward to the present. Some co-workers and I were chosen as team of the quarter, and as such were given a day off and some monies to do an activity. We chose to do skiing. There was a group of about 8 of us. We decided to go to Brighton.
Leading up to the ski trip, I went out and got myself some gear (like snow pants, snow boots). We met at the bottom of the canyon and carpooled up. That day Brighton was having a special food drive where if you brought in a bag of food the lift ticket was only $15 instead of $58. After that I rented skis. I got some boots that fit snugly, but they didn't seem to feel bad.
Then we went up to the bunny hill, where I skied down a couple times. I did just fine. So we all went up to the green and blue labeled runs. Those where a bit too steep for me. One of my co-worker's fiancee, Eric, stayed with me for the morning helping me down the mountain. I fell quite a few times. It didn't hurt falling down, but my boots were starting to hurt me quite a bit. I was hurting, falling, tired. So we finally got down off the mountain. I went and got a half size bigger boot and they felt sooo much better.
We then had lunch at the lodge (yes very overpriced food, but they have no competition). While we were eating, Eric's dad came up and met us. He is a ski instructor. After lunch he took me and Alvaro's wife, Indee, out on the slopes. Alvaro and Indee both started with snowboards, but Indee just couldn't work with the snowboard, so she went and traded it in for skis.
We had a fairly good time after that. I still fell a bunch (especially when a snowboarder cut in front of me and I had to fall or mow them down), but for the rest of the afternoon we had our own ski instructor. We got to learning how to ski a bit better.
The weather was pretty good. Clear skys, but on the ski lifts the wind made it pretty freezing. When we started the day it was only 3 degrees. I was super tired and sore that night. I had a very hard time getting to sleep with my inner shins aching quite a bit.


B. said...

Sounds like you had fun rediscovering skiing. Hope you have had a happy holiday.

Jessi said...

Skiing is SO fun! Glad you had a good time! You'll probably be sore for a while...